Tree peonies awaken

This is the first year that my beautiful tree peonies are–all of them!–in full bloom. I believe I planted these two years ago, in the fall. It has been worth the wait! One thing I didn’t know is that the blooms on a tree peony (or maybe it’s only on … Continue reading

Bringing the garden indoors

I’ve been remarkably lazy when it comes to my garden this year, I freely admit. That, or as I age I’m getting a lot less comfortable with cold, windy days that are more likely than not to be rainy. Which is how our weather around here has been. So, although … Continue reading

My annual gardening failure

This year, I thought we had mastered it. At Christmastime we ordered a sweet little potted tree, kept it well watered and indoors for the holiday season, and then planted it outdoors. In the past, this has resulted in a dead tree. But this year, I was hoping it would … Continue reading

Daffodils = blooming. Tulips = eaten.

So, I have many beautiful daffodils, brightly in bloom in several parts of my yard. What I don’t have, however, are tulips. Not even tulip buds. Certainly not stems. And probably not even bulbs any more. At last year’s Botanic Garden sale I bought daffodil, tulip and many other bulbs, … Continue reading

Weed work cut out for me

Omigosh. I know I need to get out and do some serious weeding. The thing is, I just haven’t. Yet. You know what? I can blame the weather. That will work. It has definitely been crappy for much of the first half of April. Let’s not think about how gloriously … Continue reading