The Drawbacks of Mulch

Ugh. Given the abundant rains seen in the Midwest this year, we’ve discovered the dark side to mushroom compost. Which is to say, mushrooms. Generally I’m a fan of triple-shredded bark mulch, which I understand nourishes the soil while also preserving moisture and preventing weeds. But when you have large … Continue reading

Water Is Not Food

You know, this summer–particularly the early months–have been very rainy in the Midwest. Many weeks are passing without any need for supplemental watering from me. And yet, my tomatoes have bloomed but do not seem inclined to go much further. What this means is, I must fertilize. Water, we must remember, is not … Continue reading

Onions Are Walking

True to their promise, my perennial onions have kept me well supplied with green onion to support all my cooking needs, and then some. When we moved to this house more than a year ago, I dug up one small cluster of my Egyptian walking onions, which I then planted … Continue reading

Ready, Both Late and Early

At long last, after at least a year, I assembled the planter I purchased to keep my lettuces off the ground and away from rabbits and other hungry critters. Actually, to say that “I” assembled it is a bit of a stretch. Without my husband and his power screw driver, I … Continue reading

Look Out: A New Kitchen Experiment!

Not every day is perfect for gardening. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes it’s far too hot–although a gardener needs to help stressed plants during that weather. Sometimes, even in June, it’s too chilly. What does a restless gardener do when the weather won’t cooperate? Actually, I thought of this idea in … Continue reading