Daffodils = blooming. Tulips = eaten.

So, I have many beautiful daffodils, brightly in bloom in several parts of my yard. What I don’t have, however, are tulips. Not even tulip buds. Certainly not stems. And probably not even bulbs any more. At last year’s Botanic Garden sale I bought daffodil, tulip and many other bulbs, … Continue reading

Weed work cut out for me

Omigosh. I know I need to get out and do some serious weeding. The thing is, I just haven’t. Yet. You know what? I can blame the weather. That will work. It has definitely been crappy for much of the first half of April. Let’s not think about how gloriously … Continue reading

Before spring really kicks in…

It’s weird to be thinking about fall when warmer spring weather is around the corner. But as the cold starts to fade (hopefully soon), I feel some obligation to remember one of the absolute delights of last fall. As a gardener, I can’t claim any responsibility for the spectacular beauty … Continue reading

Rotation validation

I’ve always known that rotating crops is a good way to maintain healthy soil and manage pests. However, after observing a few years of squash bugs decimating pumpkins and summer squash, I determined that perhaps crop rotation was for large-scale gardening, where dozens or even hundreds of feet could separate … Continue reading

Spring springing with garden bulbs?

It’s only mid March. In the Chicago area, St. Patrick’s Day is often cold and blustery, and while we may have had a teasing burst of warmth before then it generally is still gloomy, snowy, miserable. Let’s face it, we’re still in the last grips of winter–usually. This year has … Continue reading