Garden Chili During A Blizzard

Not that I planned it this way, but we had a blizzard on the day that I made chili in my crockpot. And what could be better when the snow is rushing down than a hot bowl of homemade chili? If my onion crop had succeeded, and if I’d grown, … Continue reading

Green in Winter

Egyptian walking onions often are advertised as “evergreen.” That turns out to be true, although maybe not the way we might envision it! I needed scallions for a recipe–made a delightful batch of mu shu chicken and had forgotten that, among other ingredients, the recipe called for green onions. But … Continue reading

Lasagna, A Little Jazzed

Winter. Not much gardening happens–although depending on your zone, your equipment and your crop you may well be growing things just now. In my case, it’s about using the harvest. And this past weekend I boosted a staple dish with some delightful oven-roasted tomatoes! This lasagna included homemade noodles, a … Continue reading

Pest Patrol Officer

I’ve mentioned my Bunny Controller, who perhaps might do better on the job if he weren’t snoozing indoors next to my feet during the day. But I’ve been remiss in not mentioning my much longer-tenured Pest Patrol Officer. In actual fact, this is the CEO of our household. Any of … Continue reading

A Robust, Flavorful Bread

I wanted to make sourdough bread. But this time around, I wanted it to be something more. Something with additional flavor: robust, savory, delightful. Surfing a bit, I found several recipes that fit the bill. I made a loaf of olive sourdough bread (several recipes available on line, such as … Continue reading