Did something I never do with garden produce!

Well, I suppose this was bound to happen. Things grow, and they grow and grow, and you want to find new and interesting ways to use them. This has certainly been true of my cilantro. Last year’s plant got unwieldy quickly and the harvest was poor. But I let it … Continue reading

Garden attacked by bunnies

Oh yes. The bunnies have been around this year, as they are every year. I knew it wasn’t a great idea, but I really could not resist the idea of planting some bush beans this year. I tried them out in my new garden spot, putting marigolds around them as … Continue reading

Lotsa lettuce!

As usual, lettuce is flourishing in my garden, although it is just reaching a point where it is going to go to seed. Instead of harvesting some leaves at a time (for salads), I’m going to start pulling up entire plants. Once I’ve pulled them all, it should be just … Continue reading

Getting the garden decor right

Gardening isn’t always just about vegetables. Some gardening is all about looks–and beautifying your surroundings. In my back yard we finally moved an iron arch that we brought over from the old house. Yes, this has been years in the making. But now that the arch is there, I can … Continue reading

Oh, yeah, I planted some stuff

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up, so I’m a little behind in saying that I planted my garden earlier this month. So, yes, I did wait until June because our weather has been weird again. What else is new? Even now we’re in this weird cycle–it gets quite hot over … Continue reading