A Robust, Flavorful Bread

I wanted to make sourdough bread. But this time around, I wanted it to be something more. Something with additional flavor: robust, savory, delightful. Surfing a bit, I found several recipes that fit the bill. I made a loaf of olive sourdough bread (several recipes available on line, such as … Continue reading

Roasting Isn’t Just for Peppers

We’ve talked about roasting peppers for sauce. Does it go without saying that tomatoes, too, can be roasted for a sauce? In fact, they can be roasted, baked or oven dried–roasting means high heat, baking is lower heat for a longer time until the fruit softens, and oven dried means … Continue reading

My Garden’s Thanksgiving Contribution

Oh, yes, it’s cold outside and my garden has finished its work for the season. But it still will contribute to my Thanksgiving table! I didn’t grow root vegetables this year, so no rutabaga or potatoes from my garden. And pumpkins, too, were not planted–they require lots of space that I … Continue reading

What Are Peppers For?

I grow red or orange peppers every year, but very rarely do I do anything with them aside from roasting them for sauces. Having said that, roasted peppers are so tender, sweet and earthy that I really don’t think I’m going wrong here! If you’ve had a good roasted pepper, … Continue reading

Dreaded Late-Season Task

Cold, gray, dreary. The weather is headed inexorably to winter, which for the gardener means some cozy time beside a fire, day dreaming about next year’s fruits and vegetables. Or, it will mean that–once we’ve completed one final task. Yes, it’s garden cleanup time. Autumn cleanup can be a thankless … Continue reading