Bandits in the garden!

Well, my bunny patrol officer really doesn’t like to be outside by himself. He’d much rather lounge at my feet–as he’s doing right now–while I work away at my desk. This is nice for my feet, but it does leave my garden “unsurveilled.” And I think many of us know … Continue reading

Smelly harvest

This is the season–in fact, I’m a little late. Mid to late summer is prime garlic harvesting time. My garlic was drying in the ground by the time I actually got around to digging it up. The textbook approach says to harvest garlic when a third of the outer leaves … Continue reading

They don’t start as pickles!

When I’m picking my ever-abundant little cucumbers, I just call them pickles. Heck, that’s what they’ll be, soon enough. But, no. They aren’t pickles fresh off the vine. This year, given my large cucumber harvest, I was motivated (after giving away as many cukes as I could and making my … Continue reading

Summer fun for all ages

Our big project for the year is nearing completion! Even better, we’ve knocked off a few wish list items in one go. I now have a better, more structured place for my veggie garden (complete with good soil). AND, the family has a fire pit that can be used by … Continue reading

Visit from a friend

When we moved a few years ago, we divided a small selection of plants, taking some mini-plants with us to re-plant in our new home. This worked abundantly well with my Egyptian walking onions, as we’ve seen. It also worked for some of my lilies. They’ve been blooming for much … Continue reading