Another self-determined set of seeds

Dill wasn’t the only herb that replanted itself in this year’s garden. To my surprise–and this has never happened before although I’ve grown this every year–my cilantro also reseeded! Okay, it was a little weed infested at the start of the season, but I was so delighted to see it … Continue reading

Dill that came back for a visit

My dill plants last year were like difficult, out-of-town guests. They didn’t quite want to behave, and were spreading into neighboring containers and other unwanted places. But I allowed it. Dill is always worthwhile, particularly if you’re growing cucumbers and like to make fresh pickles! Which we all know is the … Continue reading

Shade plant goes sunny

Impatiens are pretty tropical annuals that often are intended for shadier sites. But it turns out, they can work in sunny spots too! My mom gave me some of her “sunpatiens,” which I gather are impatiens adapted to sunnier sites. I’ve planted them in front of the walking onions in … Continue reading

Tree peonies: so dang beautiful!

Just like herbaceous peonies, my tree peonies did not remain in bloom for very long. They were a little more “rain resistant,” but once the blooms fade, they fade. So, revisiting them here. Gorgeous!

Tree peonies awaken

This is the first year that my beautiful tree peonies are–all of them!–in full bloom. I believe I planted these two years ago, in the fall. It has been worth the wait! One thing I didn’t know is that the blooms on a tree peony (or maybe it’s only on … Continue reading