Hope for Tomatoes

It’s cold. Light frost has appeared on the ground but your tomatoes have soldiered on… so far. Any of us who’ve grown tomatoes in zone 5 know that sooner or later, our luck gives out and a hard frost comes along. Probably this coming weekend! Many gardeners find it frustrating to see … Continue reading

A Light Lunch

Awhile ago I mentioned my latest kitchen experiment–a Scandinavian treat known as viili. This is essentially yogurt, but yogurt that does not require complicated culturing. I’m into several batches of viili, and have learned a few things along the way. For one, I now pour off any whey collected at the top … Continue reading

Harvesting Dog Treats

When I planted carrots last spring, my main thought was that my kids would enjoy them. Fresh picked carrots are among a very few vegetables that they actually enjoy eating. Or so I thought. This year, after serving carrots to them a few times–and mind you these were freshly picked, … Continue reading

Bean Harvest

Some of my beans are dried on the vine and ready for picking. Yet overall, to be honest, my bean crop has been disappointing—and a bit contrary—this year.  Beans should enrich the soil where they are planted. But I suspect the soil can’t be too poor to begin with—because beans … Continue reading

Fall Color, Part 2

Last week I mentioned planting mums to add to the fall landscape. An even more spectacular color addition can be found by adding brown-eyed susans, or rudbeckias. Indeed, your “garden variety” (pun intended!) perennial susans are gorgeous and make a nice display. But some nurseries can provide more exotic flowers. … Continue reading