What’s blooming?

And now, as spring moves ever onward, we play the popular, daily game known as “what’s blooming?” For me, this game is focused mostly on my tree peonies. Naturally, when I finally buy tree peonies–which, as new plants, gain from a solid over-wintering after being planted in the fall–it turns … Continue reading

April (Snow) Showers

Oh my. Yes, it snowed here in the Chicago area. For those of us in Lake County, an inch of snow coated the ground on Monday and remained visible yesterday morning! Snow in April isn’t necessarily unusual around here. When it happens, though, it can be disheartening. By now, we’ve already … Continue reading

Finally some green!

While making an omelet this morning, I realized I had no green onions–and that I hadn’t bought them on purpose. Although I hadn’t checked, I had assumed, when making my grocery list, that my walking onions would now be ready for picking. Luckily, I was right! This spring, no assumptions … Continue reading

Sourdough Scones Are Easy!

I’m always looking for new ways to use the bit of sourdough starter that I’m nurturing in my refrigerator, I was most pleased to stumble across this site. What an amazingly handy reference. Every month sourdough bakers are invited to “sour-ize” a new recipe, from cookies to cupcakes. In this case, … Continue reading

My Unsung Gardening Hero

I did not grow up a gardener. Are you surprised? That said, my parents–perhaps unknowingly–planted the seeds (pun intended) of gardening passion when I was a kid. They weren’t aggressive gardeners, but they have always tended their floral landscape and generally grow a tomato or two, some rhubarb and at least … Continue reading