Preparing for Autumn Lettuce

Well, my usual spring hankering for lettuce went unsatisfied. But the same won’t be true for fall–although I don’t generally have that craving for fresh greens in fall! My lettuce planter, having finally been built after at least a year’s delay, is now filled with dirt and seeds. At last! … Continue reading

Pickle Time!

To make fresh kosher pickles (link), a large cucumber harvest is not necessary at all. A handful of cukes will do. So, my first batch of fresh pickles for this year has fermented nicely on my counter, and is now being eaten, quite rapidly. We love these pickles. This year’s … Continue reading

Failure to Thrive

Words that might strike fear into the heart of a parent, “failure to thrive,” invoke mere puzzlement for suburban gardeners who are not reliant (per se) on their home-grown food supply. But for Midwestern gardeners, “failure to thrive” might be a theme of the season. The weather has been strange … Continue reading

New Bunny Prevention

We just added a new member to our gardening team and, yes, he’s quite junior. Rusty is called a “whoodle,” a soft-coated wheaten terrier/poodle mix. We adopted him when he was just over 8 weeks old, and, well… he has to earn his keep. Being cute is no way to … Continue reading

Fairies for 50

For a gardener, certain gifts are always winners. This year I turned 50! And as usual, my mom found the perfect gift for a gardener who has just reached such an impressive (?) milestone. A fairy garden! This delightful basket is weather proof, although not winter proof. It includes many … Continue reading