Tree Peony Mystery

It’s late spring, and only now can I report that all my tree peonies have survived. But survival is only part of the story. The question now is, what will they be when they mature? Like many roses, tree peonies often are grafted or combined, in the never-ending search for … Continue reading

Salad Sprouted

You know, I planted three different batches–let’s call them “flights”–of lettuce in April and May, but it was only after I bought new seeds that anything actually sprouted. So, if you ever wondered whether seeds can get too old… they can! Embarrassing as it is to admit, my originally planted … Continue reading

Savory Delights to Come!

For those of us who planted garlic bulbs late last summer, we are seeing the “fruit” of our labor now (actually, the “root” of our labor–or even more accurately, the green shoots of our labor). Garlic doesn’t need a lot of warmth to begin growing, so mine has steadily gained … Continue reading

The Green Brigade!

My Egyptian walking onions refreshed themselves rapidly and are routinely gracing various dishes once again. In fact, I could have been using them all winter–except I was reluctant to drag on boots and a winter coat just to snip a green onion. But these guys are evergreen. They wore a … Continue reading

Did They Survive?

Hmmm. I think my beautiful tree peonies will make it into spring, but I can’t be sure. All three of them died all the way to the ground–it was a harsh winter and for the first half there was no insulating snow to protect my babies from sub-zero weather. Pictured … Continue reading