Visit from a friend

When we moved a few years ago, we divided a small selection of plants, taking some mini-plants with us to re-plant in our new home. This worked abundantly well with my Egyptian walking onions, as we’ve seen. It also worked for some of my lilies. They’ve been blooming for much … Continue reading

Greens, just steps away

At last, my raised garden box has produced some lovely lettuce! In early spring I tried several times to plant a variety of lettuces. It may have been too cold, but I also suspect my seeds were too old, at two to three years. These seeds finally sprouted in mid … Continue reading

Will warmth help?

Rain isn’t the only solution to a good garden. We had plenty of rain in early summer. But… The season was very cool in June, perhaps too cool to sustain growth for some of the veggies. Tomatoes need solid 80 degree weather to really dig in and grow–and June provided … Continue reading

Scape time!

Some of you know about an added bonus that comes with garlic plants. Right around now (for those in zone 5), certain varieties begin to form scapes–curls at the top, that eventually would become (I think) seeds. Harvesting these is a must, as it forces the plant to put its … Continue reading

Much Needed Overhaul

This is the beginning. We’ve been living in a new home for two summers now, and are starting our third–but this summer will be different! After various house projects and priorities–updating air conditioning, cleaning out beds filled with weeds–my garden is finally at the top of our list! We are formally building a … Continue reading