Scape time!

Some of you know about an added bonus that comes with garlic plants. Right around now (for those in zone 5), certain varieties begin to form scapes–curls at the top, that eventually would become (I think) seeds. Harvesting these is a must, as it forces the plant to put its … Continue reading

Much Needed Overhaul

This is the beginning. We’ve been living in a new home for two summers now, and are starting our third–but this summer will be different! After various house projects and priorities–updating air conditioning, cleaning out beds filled with weeds–my garden is finally at the top of our list! We are formally building a … Continue reading

Natives Enter the Garden

I needed some foundation plantings for around my back deck, but it’s shady. Last year, I pondered several options, including shade perennials, ferns, even blueberry bushes. This year, however, it came to me: hydrangeas! I love their beautiful blooms, and so far as I know they are not difficult to … Continue reading

Surprise Onion Bonus

Last year my onions failed quite miserably. I planted them in sets in an older plot that hadn’t been well maintained, and the meager soil available for gardening just wasn’t encouraging much growth. Or was it? Turns out several of those onions have sprouted green growth this season! Onions are … Continue reading

Tree Peony Mystery

It’s late spring, and only now can I report that all my tree peonies have survived. But survival is only part of the story. The question now is, what will they be when they mature? Like many roses, tree peonies often are grafted or combined, in the never-ending search for … Continue reading