The Green Brigade!

My Egyptian walking onions refreshed themselves rapidly and are routinely gracing various dishes once again. In fact, I could have been using them all winter–except I was reluctant to drag on boots and a winter coat just to snip a green onion. But these guys are evergreen. They wore a … Continue reading

Did They Survive?

Hmmm. I think my beautiful tree peonies will make it into spring, but I can’t be sure. All three of them died all the way to the ground–it was a harsh winter and for the first half there was no insulating snow to protect my babies from sub-zero weather. Pictured … Continue reading

Hey, I Tried!

Well, the one good thing is I can’t say I didn’t try. My kids both received tiny seed kits as a springtime gift, and we planted them, as pictured here. Did anything ever sprout? No. In fact, please observe the paper-based grow kit. Because it is paper, my chief bunny … Continue reading

Spring Sprung?

These blossoms, so tiny and so often overlooked, are an encouraging first sign of spring. On the other hand, little maple flowers mean the tree pollen season has begun, and it’s time for allergy management for many of us. But I’ll tell you what: At this point in a chilly, … Continue reading

Planting Time??

Around here, we certainly have not seen the last frost for this long, drawn-out and extra cold winter. One wonders: When will we smell the rich, satisfying scent of earth that is finally thawing? Or perhaps more importantly, when is it safe to put away the long underwear for the … Continue reading