Rudbeckia makes a lucky return

I’ve talked before about what I might call “exotic” rudbeckias, Brown-Eyed Susans that are unique, beautiful but considered to be annuals. Why? Those I’ve seen don’t establish spreading roots and branch out beneath the ground. However, what these exotics can do is re-seed. Every few years I’ve been lucky enough … Continue reading

Last fertilization of the year?

Well, this might be pushing it, but I did opt to give my tomatoes and peppers one last boost of fertilizer. Note these are container-grown plants, so they get no natural fertilization from the limited amount of soil in which they grow. Every year it’s a little different, but this … Continue reading

A special herbal harvest

I own this planter for sentimental reasons. Sometimes that happens–people are gifted plants, or purchase them, in honor of some one or some thing–or in memory of them. In this case, my mom bought this in memory of my aunt, whose birthday was today. I was lucky enough to inherit … Continue reading

Sauce and salsa time!

Tomatoes are coming in hot and heavy–almost literally–in the midwest! To date I’ve made pasta sauce and salsa, and that is the beginning. More tomatoes are on the way! In fact, I hesitated about fertilizing–every other week I add a fish-based fertilizer to my container plants–until I reminded myself that … Continue reading

Sumac as ground cover

Last year, when our fire pit was essentially built but ready for landscaping, we were faced with lots of mulched, but empty, beds. A perennial garden was in order, but still–there was a lot of open space. After doing some research, I discovered that sumac can be used as a … Continue reading