Making pasta in the dead of winter

When you can’t garden, it’s time to find other ways to keep occupied, right? In my case, I tend to experiment with fancier or more involved recipes, trying to find new options to add to my rotation of staple dishes. This year, a new cookbook proved inspirational! This book is … Continue reading

Growing in the dead of winter!

So, I was making Chinese food the other day and realized I did not have any green onions in the house. For the vast majority of the year I rely on my Egyptian walking onions to fill that role. But in January, after several days of temperatures in the teens, … Continue reading

Blood moon

  This past fall we had a blood moon–it was an lunar eclipse that took place when the moon was at its closest point to Earth. It was called a blood moon because it gave the moon a reddish cast. Not that you can see it in my picture. Nonetheless, take … Continue reading

In the end, it wasn’t Spike

In my last post I talked about Spike, the Corpse Flower of the Chicago Botanic Gardens that failed to bloom, but nonetheless amazed visitors and drew large crowds. When people visited Spike, they were able to learn more about Corpse Flowers, and also learn about the garden’s efforts to nurture … Continue reading

Looking back at Spike

This year was the year of the Corpse Flower for many botanical gardens around the country. Chicago’s Botanic Gardens hoped for a blooming Corpse Flower this year–starting with a gargantuan, exotic bud that drew thousands of visitors. But nature (as we gardeners know) works in mysterious ways. Spike did not bloom. … Continue reading