Wishing You A Bountiful Feast

As Thanksgiving arrives, many of us are preparing dishes in advance. But us zone 5 gardeners are also–mostly–enjoying the fruits of another gardening season. Literally. Many people think “turkey” when they think “Thanksgiving.” But we gardeners know better, don’t we? This holiday really is all about the bounty we’ve seen … Continue reading

Pickling made easy!

We’ve talked about pickling a few times here in this blog, haven’t we? Earlier this week, Fix.com sent me a pickling graphic that I like. It lays out the steps neatly, has strong visual appeal, and–best of all–it offers some variety and options around pickling, versus one set recipe. It … Continue reading

Waiting for winter… squash, that is

This year my squash planting consisted only of winter squash–no zucchini, no tromboncino, nothing to make me feel pressured to unload veggies day in and day out (the cucumbers handled that role for me very nicely this year, thank you!). While I planted probably six Pennsylvania Dutch crookneck squash seeds, … Continue reading

Back to our prairie roots

The new fire pit area in my back yard is handling the fall nicely, but I’d been wondering what to do about a stretch of earth that used to be weedy crap, hanging out behind and adjacent to our tool shed. When the fire pit was built, we put in some … Continue reading

Flavorful drying begins

Luckily, I harvested the majority of my basil before the hard frost we had here. Although my thyme and oregano are still showing signs of growth, it’s time to give my plants their final, end of season haircut! Having already made pesto, my main goal with the basil was simply to … Continue reading