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Butterflies for the fire pit

Last year, you may recall, our fire pit was installed–leaving a landscaping challenge in front of us. Most of what we planted last year, including salvia, coneflowers, coreopsis and even a few peonies, has come in well. But I planted some hibiscus bushes that did not survive the winter. To … Continue reading

The basil haircut

Growing basil is so rewarding! It’s easy, if you buy seedlings instead of starting from seed. It’s flavorful and convenient–and so many dishes can benefit from a sprig or two of fresh basil. (Tonight’s spaghetti dinner will certainly enjoy that basil.) To keep the plant from getting out of hand, … Continue reading

Harvesting is starting

For those of you growing garlic, you know harvest time has likely come and gone in your region. I dug up my bulbs the week before last–just before going on vacation. Did I leave them too long? Maybe–the stems were completely brown for some varieties and had flopped over. But … Continue reading

Did something I never do with garden produce!

Well, I suppose this was bound to happen. Things grow, and they grow and grow, and you want to find new and interesting ways to use them. This has certainly been true of my cilantro. Last year’s plant got unwieldy quickly and the harvest was poor. But I let it … Continue reading

Garden attacked by bunnies

Oh yes. The bunnies have been around this year, as they are every year. I knew it wasn’t a great idea, but I really could not resist the idea of planting some bush beans this year. I tried them out in my new garden spot, putting marigolds around them as … Continue reading